Gear pump series – RSG series

Independent servo motor /reduce gear structure to drive precision gear pump, Automatic feedback the operate information during operation, Idea for high precision applications for controlling the mixing ratio and output volume of the material.

RSG equipment has the advanced control panel for programmable the metering volume and mixing ratio, custom layout to get a stable requirement. In accordance with the operation of the material specification to choose the gear pump. Our system use advanced science and technology on the basis of the assembly for the entire equipment. We use servo motor or AC motor as the pump drive. And the material control valves are developed by Gladwave that resistance high pressure for the basic configuration requirements.

Standard features
  1. Siemens or Mitsubishi PLC control.
  2. Independent servo motor or AC motor drive gear pump.
  3. El. Material Pressure limited monitor.
  4. Touch screen or PLC operation panel setting material mixing ratio, output rate. Variety of gear pump optional.
  5. Standard use high-speed steel, stainless steel or other resistance wear gear pump for optional.
  6. Accurate metering and mixing in continuous or shot size.
  7. Many benefit parts for Options.
  8. Optional for 3,4 or 5 component material to metering / mixing design.
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