Gladwave – Vacuum Casting Machine

Vacuum casting system combine with PLC program control. To achieve two components small amount of vacuum mixing and potting required.

Saving molding injection time. Widely used in electronics, wearable devices, engineering, toys, biological, medical, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing samples … etc.
Setting of PLC modular appliction, each parameter can be easily adjusted to achieve different resin degassing mixing potting time.

Suit for model, innovation and design company in the development of the model sample.

Product specification

● PLC programmable controller to adjust the agitator motor speed and control casting resin.
● A / B component with plastic cups can be cleaned and reused.
● At presen, t A / B component layout use measure cup. When the vacuum degassing, mixing ratio of 100: 100, Max. mixing amount up to 2000cc.
● Match to vacuum fluid valve and vacuum signal transmitter can be related to the mode setting on the PLC.
● Strictly to selected professional component, do the most suitable design and production.

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