Piston pump series – RPA series

This series equipment is using el. servo motor axis technology to drive the positive rod displacement pump, The mixing ratio ,flow rate, shot or bead profiles dispensing easy programmable from the operation interface panel. To improved the past pneumatic power to drive piston pump system use deficiencies.  The wearing-resistance of piston pump is outstanding to the other type pump. And the small amount meter mix appearance is excellent, But drive the pump by air motor, the speed control can’t reach to the stability of output rate required.  And if using mechanical lever system the ratio adjusting must by skilled technician to set. Our RPA series design is overcome the above shortcomings and keep the advantages of the piston pump.

  1.  Siemens or Mitsubishi PLC control
  2.  Independent servo motor cylinder drive piston pump
  3.  El. Pressure limited gauge
  4.  Touch screen or PLC operation panel set mixing ratio, output rate
  5.  high grade wearing-resistance / resistance high pressure design
  6. Output rate/shot size precise stably
  7. Accurate metering and mixing in continuous or shot size
  8. Many benefit parts for Options
  9. Optional for 3,4 or 5 component material to metering / mixing design
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