Automatic Vacuum/metering mixing/potting system-RPA series (Simultaneous multi-piston dispenser)

Two-component Epoxy, PU or Silicone resin is vacuum degassing in the storage tank and vacuum-filled to product parts under the vacuum parameters set in the vacuum chamber. Mixed material can be metering by simultaneously in multiple piston output system at one time, and the project can be designed to be synchronized in 4 or 6 or 8 piston output groups. The design machine suitable for filled/abrasive resin materials.

Feeding with automatic conveyor – vacuum potting – Automatic removal of jig tray.

This customized equipment provides resin material with superior insulation characteristics with ideal uniform material structure performance, fine seams, small holes and narrow corners, etc. to provide the perfusion resin material to penetrate quickly under vacuum.

1.Mitsubishi PLC system as the control core.

2.Pump driven by Servo motor.

3.Electronic pressure transmitter.

4.From touch screen to quickly change the set mixing ratio and output speed.

5.Continuous or intermittent precision mixing output of two-component materials.

6.Simultaneous multi-piston output dispenser.

7.Performed in sections and with different operating vacuum condition/output speed parameters to vacuum potting.

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